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Do-it-yourself installation of a concrete fence

Feb 13

The reinforced concrete fence has an attractive appearance and is a reliable fence.

Nowadays, many residents of noisy big cities prefer to relax in country houses, where clean air, harmony with nature and an atmosphere of calm provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And to feel comfortable in the country, you need to protect your site with a reliable fence. And the installation of a concrete fence in this case is a valid option.

Reinforced concrete fences are reliable, strong and durable. At the same time, they are very beautiful and easy to install, and the price of such structures will appeal to everyone who wants to save money. Due to the high performance of this material, the installation of reinforced concrete fences is of interest to many home craftsmen. We will talk about it in this article.

On the iron

Reinforced concrete is a durable construction material that was originally used for the construction of buildings. Nowadays, reinforced concrete fences are very popular. They are used both for fencing private properties and for protected objects, such as construction sites, factories or parking lots.

And if in the first case we are talking about decorative fences, then for protected objects they use massive slabs, which cannot be installed or dismantled without the use of special equipment.

Freestanding concrete fence.

The structure of the reinforced concrete slab is very simple. It consists of a metal frame, cast in solid concrete. The frame prevents the destruction of the concrete base, which gives the structure durability and resistance to environmental conditions.

Installation features

Installing a concrete slab fence is a simple process that you will likely master with your own hands. The only thing you need to attract one or two assistants to mount the sections themselves, because the weight of the standard section of the fence 70 kg.

If we talk about self-supporting slabs, then the weight of one element can reach 2 tons, and you will need a crane to install a concrete cargo fence. But such options are very rarely considered when building fences for private houses, as they look unattractive.

We will consider the installation of a decorative or reinforced concrete composition fence, consisting of 3-5 interlocking (assembled) horizontal panels, fixing in special grooves.

Schematic instructions for installing the fence.

Decorative reinforced concrete fences have standard panels, the dimensions of which are 50 x 200 cm.

Installation of prefabricated structures takes more time, because first we consider a simpler version with built-in supports.

To correctly establish such a construction, there is a simple instruction:

Solid supports

  • The installation of a reinforced concrete fence begins with the preparatory stage, that is, the marking of the territory. Among other things, this will allow you to determine the amount of materials required.

Trick! To facilitate marking, cut a two-meter bar out of wood, measuring the distance. Remember that measurements should be made exactly in the groove. Otherwise, the section may not slip between the supports or may not stick to them and fall.

  • Start installing a concrete panel fence from the corner post.

Concrete post

Dig a hole in the intended location. It is recommended that the pillar touches the ground at least one third. That is, the supports of the two-meter fence should go into the ground to a depth of 1 meter. As a general rule, a depth of 70 cm is sufficient for a standard hedge.

  •  Level the leveling point and secure it with wooden spacers.
  • Concrete post as pictured above.
  • Perform all the above operations with the second pillar.
  • Now go to the installation section. Considering its weight, you should think about the assistant. Installation of the element is very simple - you just need to install it in the grooves of the installed brackets.

Trick! Do not install more than two sections at a time between two columns. Build a fence gradually, this will eliminate the deformation of the structure.

  • Having reached the corner, you need to mount both brackets tightly, perpendicular to each other.
  • Repeating the above steps, complete the design of the fence.

Prefabricated brackets

Instructions for installing fences on modular supports are slightly different from the previous ones and include the following steps:

  • The installation of concrete fences in this case involves the construction of the base of the post. To do this, you need to dig a hole 50 cm deep, which should be 50 mm wider than a pole block on each side.
  • Install in the pit reinforcement f 10-12, the length of the fence + its underground part
  • Level the frame and concrete the pit.
  • At the base, install the first section of the pillar after having concreted the free space.
  • Mount the next element, thereby building a support.

Trick! Concrete each section of the column separately so that the solution spreads throughout the cavity of the support.

  • Collect the second support in the same way.
  • Next is the installation of sections, which does not differ from the above method.

Trick! Once the work is completed, install the concrete cover of the pillar. This will protect it from washing out the solution, extending the life of the support, and therefore the entire fence.


In this article, you learned how to properly install a concrete fence yourself. As you can see, in reality it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Watch the video in this article to better understand the process of installing reinforced concrete structures.

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