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Wood vs Vinyl siding: Pros & Cons

Aug 18

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Wood vs vinyl siding: Which do you prefer?

We always love to have an ideal house, something that we planned and picture out. But when it comes to choosing its structural components, we can’t choose because we haven’t learned more about it. Whenever homeowners plan of renovating and installing something in their home, they get confused because they don’t know its advantage and disadvantage to figure out which one is better.

One of the things that homeowners often hesitate about is the siding installation. They stumble on “which one is better? Is it the wood siding or vinyl siding?”. We all understand that not everyone can determine if which one is good for your house's needs because that is not the industry that everyone is specializing in.

You can find many different kinds of siding in the market today, but wood and vinyl are the most popular and chosen for some valid reasons. So here are the following pieces of information about the advantages and downsides of using wood siding or vinyl siding that you might need in deciding the better one for your home.



Wood vs Vinyl siding

Wood Siding - Using wood as rustic wood siding is the most timeless material that homeowners use. Some home exterior designers even think of it as a stylish option that never stays out of fashion. One of the advantages is that you can choose any type of wood that is best for your home like cypress, redwood, pine, or cedar.

When it comes to its appearance, wood siding comes in many different styles and plank sizes that can easily blend in with your house design. And when it age and fades, you can just easily repaint it in any color that you think is the best.

Wood siding is indeed durable especially if homeowners know how to take care of it, by having maintenance at least every year. One of the elements that can affect its performance is the different weather conditions, destructive insects like beetles and termites, and poor maintenance.

This type of siding may be a good insulator, but since wood is a natural material that can easily adapt to its current temperature, it would be difficult for it to be tight and sealed all the time. Unlike vinyl siding which is made from a special PVC plastic that can insulate the whole area.


  • Timeless, elegant, and stylish
  • It can increase the house market value
  • With proper maintenance, it can extend its lifespan


  • It can be easily affected by any pests and moisture from different weather conditions
  • Expensive maintenance
  • Difficult to install when you are not an expert
  • Expensive and needs proper installation to fully insulate the area

Vinyl Siding - It is a synthetic man-made material for it is made in a special type of plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Nowadays, more homeowners use this type of siding because of its durability and value for money.

When it comes to its appearance wise, vinyl siding offers different kinds of styles and designs just like wood siding, but the difference is that you can also choose its different lovely colors. And you can even choose a design that mimics a wood’s appearance.


  • Easy to install
  • You won't have to worry about any moist or pests because its plastic
  • Not expensive
  • Tight-sealed insulator
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Prone to melt and cracking when fully exposed to the extreme heat
  • It’s like choosing between an elegant or eco-friendly type of material